“…Randy played the keyboard for our wedding ceremony and collaborated with the soloist who sang Ava Maria.  Since neither had worked together before, we were impressed with the beauty of the arrangement.  With his warm inviting, easy-going personality, Randy was a hit at the cocktail hour with his wide variety of songs.  Randy’s music is like a palette to a painter.” – H. Zanussi (Kansas City, MO.)


“Randy, besides being a super talented pianist, you are a splendid instructor, and I am so thankful for your patience and understanding, and for the opportunity to take piano classes from you.  You definitely have a gift for teaching music in a way that is easy to understand and that gives a student the necessary confidence to succeed.  The extra effort you put forth to see that we understand each lesson is exceptional and so much appreciated.”  - M. Caywood


“…If you want to really learn to play and think like a musician, then you need to study with Randy Dennis.  I took traditional piano lessons and was feeling more structured and less able to play without having a sheet of music in front of me.  Randy has taught me to listen to and breakdown the music I like.  Instead of practicing, we play.  Instead of it being “lessons", it’s a joy.  My progression has been simply amazing and I enjoy learning with Randy.  I can highly recommend him as a piano instructor.”   - J. Pounds



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