Hello Music Lovers,

My name is Randy Dennis.   I’m a professional pianist/keyboardist with over thirty years experience in the areas of performing, accompanying, composing, and teaching.   That experience includes twelve years as the keyboardist for country singer Tracy Bryd and performances with many other vocal artists throughout the United States. 

If you need live music for a special occasion, want to learn how to play the piano, learn the Nashville number system, or have a song arranged and/or recorded, I would be delighted to help you achieve your musical goals. 

My repertoire includes music from a wide variety of genres and styles, and I enjoy using my talents to help individuals create their very own unique projects.  If it’s time to put more music into your life, I'd be pleased to assist.


Piano For All Occasions


Elegant Music for Weddings and Other Special Occasions


Piano Lessons, Specializing in Teaching to Play By Ear 


Recording Sessions, Pianist/Keyboardist


Composing and Producing




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